Burnaby RV Repair and Maintenance Experts

Burnaby RV Repair and Maintenance Experts

Burnaby Mechanics for RV Repairs and Maintenance

An RV rarely disappoints in terms of performance with the key to its mastery of travel boiling down to the brand’s reputable build and excellent design. However, like all other vehicles, motorhomes too are susceptible to the adversary of time and the failings that come with it. To help keep yours in peak shape, we delve into a couple of pointers on Burnaby RV repairs and maintenance.

1)  Air filter

As a general rule of thumb, have your filters replaced every 12000 miles or 12 months as they normally give out after either milestone is reached. Changing the air filter will get around AC problems such as contaminated air and the process is simple enough to do on your own though you should probably let an expert take care of that for you. If you elect to do it yourself, the filter is a rectangular black box under the hood of the car that you can detach by removing the casing and consequently the filter. Take note of the directions prior to removal to ensure seamless reattachment.

2)  Tire pressure and fluids

These components are perhaps the most vulnerable of all car parts so it is important that they are checked regularly without fail. Use an oil dipstick to check the engine oil level once it cools done and also keeps tabs on the transmission and power steering fluid levels as well not forgetting the belts and hoses which are eaten away quite fast. Also, ensure there is adequate pressure on all four tires by checking using a gauge. It is recommended to carry out fluid and tire checks at least once a week. Still, on the subject of tire health, it is also important to have your tires rotated and balance checked as doing so will spread out the wear evenly enabling you to get the most out of them while averting accidents by affording precise control.

3)  Battery

It is a no-brainer that you should change your battery once it threatens to run out as indicated by your car’s low battery sign- but it must be said nonetheless. Clean the battery with a brush every so often whilst keeping an eye out for mineral accumulation or signs of leakage.

4)  Spark plugs

Failing spark plugs could also be the reason your engine is losing its efficiency by the day and you can identify malfunctioning spark plugs by checking the surface for a buildup of contaminants. Normally, spark plugs have a lifespan encompassing 30,000 miles but that figure varies across different models so be sure to look up your specific RV owner’s manual.

5)  Serpentine belts

Check your serpentine belts (engine belts) every 60,000 miles for signs of tearing across the surface. Damage to this component can result in cascading problems to accompanying accessories and earn you an eye-watering repair bill so inspect the belts regularly and thoroughly. A professional is best placed to identify and nip integrity problems in the bud.

Ensuring your RV is always in prime condition is a matter of constant attention and requires an expert’s eye to be able to pick out the nitty-gritty that would often go unnoticed. You, therefore, need an experienced professional to hold your hand so head on over to Mechanics to find out more about how best to take care of your motorhome or get help for one or two problems.
Burnaby RV repairs and maintenance.

How to Find The Best Motorhome for Your Family

How to Find The Best Motorhome for Your Family

Various Kinds of Motor Homes

If you are interested in purchasing among the many various types of motorhomes, there are a number of things that you must learn about. Individuals with various requirements will need different types of motorhomes. To start with you should choose the size and inside facilities requirements. For example, there are motorhomes that are designed particularly for 2 to 4 people. There are models that are smaller (campers, for instance) or larger. There are likewise motor homes that will have different varieties of beds. For instance, you may take a look at the ones that have a large double bed over the cabin. Some  will have an area with a table and chairs that can be converted